The Performance of Medicine is a witty, funny, folksy, intimate, yet serious and detailed discussion about issues surrounding ‘patient satisfaction’ in today’s world of health care.”

– Samuel Harrington, MD
Author of At Peace: Choosing a Good Death After a Long Life

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Dr. Bob Baker MD

Principles of The Performance of Medicine

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The practice of medicine is undergoing the most radical changes we've seen in our lifetime.

Many doctors feel that the personal satisfaction of practicing medicine is slipping away.

The magic of medicine begins with the doctor-patient connection.

The “ritual” of the patient visit is the first step in the healing process.

When a doctor visits a patient at the bedside or in the consulting room, it’s a performance.

By employing the skills and techniques that great performers use, you can greatly enhance the experience for both patient and doctor.

Good performance is authentic behavior in a manufactured environment.

Adding performance skills to your repertoire soon becomes second nature - automatically increasing empathy, communication and overall patient ratings.

You can enjoy practicing medicine every day - in a way that makes being a doctor a joy again. Yes, really.

why this TOPIC – and why now


The magic of medicine begins with the doctor/patient connection

Dr. Bob Baker MD

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about the author

Dr. Bob Baker’s passion is helping doctors to rediscover the joy of practicing medicine while maximizing patient satisfaction and physician compensation.

He believes that the magic of medicine begins with the doctor-patient connection.

As an internist/gastroenterologist in private practice for 35 years, he writes and speaks extensively on the exact practices he used, to retire with a Press Ganey rating in the 99th percentile. He has a deep understanding of the challenges physicians face today and how to overcome them to create win-win results for physicians and patients alike.

Dr. Baker attended Princeton University and got his MD from the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. He trained at Weil Cornell Medical Center and did his GI fellowship at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.

about the book

Medical practice is undergoing the most radical changes seen in decades. New reimbursement models, impersonalization caused by technology, and increasing demands on doctors’ limited time are causing unhappiness among practitioners and patients alike. Yet, the patient experience and patient satisfaction are more important than ever. Patient experience affects patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction scores will impact how much physicians and other health care providers get paid.

An internist/gastroenterologist with 35 years of private practice experience, Dr. Bob Baker shares in The Performance of Medicine the strategies and techniques that garnered him top reviews from his patients. His approach can be implemented easily and immediately with no additional expenditure of the practitioner’s time.

The Performance of Medicine is practical, substantive, warm, and humorous. Dr. Baker’s love of medicine and his patients shines through on every page and will inspire providers to rediscover the joy of healing.

the what if moment...

Stories and analogies are very powerful tools to help and instruct our patients. Stories slip under the radar of everyday resistance to illustrate points or influence people to take a particular action, without seeming preachy or condescending. Other stories can serve to amuse and break the ice with patients.

Several of my stories and analogies appear in Chapter 9 of The Performance of Medicine™. I’ve had the good fortune of other practitioners sharing theirs with me.

I began to wonder, “What if there was a way to collect and share these wonderful tools so that everyone could have access to them.” This is the result.

Please feel free to use the stories and analogies you find here with your patients and to submit your own. Send them to You, of course, retain the rights to publish your own stories elsewhere.

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