Meet Dr. Bob Baker MD

Bob Baker, MD is an internist/gastroenterologist who left private practice after 35 years in a multi-specialty group in Great Neck, New York. He has a special interest in the doctor-patient relationship and served as a Physician Master Facilitator for the Culture of C.A.R.E. program of Northwell Health, one of the country’s largest health systems.

Dr. Baker is a graduate of Princeton University and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. He trained at New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center and completed his fellowship in gastroenterology at Beth Israel Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

He is also a professional magician and ventriloquist who has appeared on America’s Got Talent as well at as numerous private, corporate, and fundraising events. His performing skills play an important role in making him a highly-praised, in demand keynote speaker for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers at medical conferences and meetings.

Dr. Baker lives on Long Island with his wife and whichever of his seven children happen to be around.